5 Steps to Keeping a Tidy Home

5 Steps to Keeping a Tidy Home | Productive Mommies | Do you struggle to keep your home in order? These 5 steps will help even the most disorganized keep your home tidy all the time.

If the view from your home happens to be something like cluttered counters, toys scattered all over the floor, half-opened boxes in the foyer, and a half-finished science experiment on the dining room table… I want to encourage you that there is hope! With a bit of effort up front, you can have a tidy […]

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How to Be an Organized Mom

How to Be an Organized Mom | Productive MommiesBeing an organized mom can help so many other things come together in life. Learn how to be more organized in just 9 steps. FREE Download Included! https://productivemommies.com/organized-mom
Some people are naturally organized, and others, not so much.  Some may even argue that they function better in their own version of "organized chaos".  While many moms of littles claim that they are choosing a "greater good" in their lack of organization. No matter who you are, organization is beneficial.  As you become better [...]Continue reading

Best Gift Ideas – For Moms, Dads, Kids, and More!

Best Gift Ideas - For Moms, Dads, Kids, and More! | Productive Mommies Do you have a hard time coming up with gift ideas that are creative, fun, thoughtful, and original? Check out these options for all members of your family.
Sometimes, I have a hard time with gifts.  I feel like they are so very personal and tell a lot about the giver as well as the relationship you have with the recipient.  A gift can display how well you know someone as well as how much thought you care to put into purchasing or [...]Continue reading