How to Be an Organized Mom

How to Be an Organized Mom | Productive MommiesBeing an organized mom can help so many other things come together in life. Learn how to be more organized in just 9 steps. FREE Download Included!
Some people are naturally organized, and others, not so much.  Some may even argue that they function better in their own version of "organized chaos".  While many moms of littles claim that they are choosing a "greater good" in their lack of organization. No matter who you are, organization is beneficial.  As you become better [...]Continue reading

Why You Need a System That Works

Why You Need a System That Works | Productive Mommies | Stop making resolutions that are 92% likely to fail and start following a system that works. Learn how to keep the fresh perspective that you have in doing your annual planning when it comes time to plan out your day to day tasks.

Did you know that almost 50% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and of those, only 8% are successful?  Those are not very good odds.  And although I’m not going to start promoting New Year’s Resolutions, I am 100% in support of goal setting and planning out your year.   The new year is also […]

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Do You Have a Theme Word This Year?

Do You Have a Theme Word This Year? | Productive Mommies Have you chosen a word of the year or theme word for 2018 yet? Let me encourage you to do so and show you how. Free download included!
You may have heard of the idea of designating a single word, a "word of the year", to sum up your theme or focus for the upcoming year.  You may have even chosen a word in the past... I have previously used words like Relevant, Intentional, Recover, Legacy, Margin, and Contentment. This year, I choose [...]Continue reading