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Sometimes, I have a hard time with gifts.  I feel like they are so very personal and tell a lot about the giver as well as the relationship you have with the recipient.  A gift can display how well you know someone as well as how much thought you care to put into purchasing or making something for them.

Although gifts happen to be one of my strongest “Love Languages” (from “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman), I find that if I am not able to come up with something thoughtful and original, I will often forgo giving a gift altogether because I become frustrated that I can’t come up with anything “good”.

Something that has helped me to overcome this issue is keeping a list of gift ideas that I come up with over time and as they come to me, rather than trying to rush to figure something out when I need to.

I have a list of different types of people, different uses, as well as different types of events.  For now, with the holidays rapidly approaching, I’m going to focus mainly on Christmas gift ideas.  This page will be regularly updated and I will also add ideas for things like graduation, weddings, housewarming, and more.  I will also be adding lots of homemade ideas as I feel that handmade gifts provide a personal touch that you just can’t get with a store-bought item.

I love to support small businesses and unique ideas, so if you have any products or companies that you think are great, please let me know using the contact form and I will consider trying them out and featuring them here, inside of the Productive Mommies Gift Guide.

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